Graham Rahal Performance (GRP) and Radical USA Indianapolis, a leading name in automotive performance, and NCM Motorsports Park, a premier racing and motorsports facility, are thrilled to announce their new partnership. This collaboration will bring exhilarating opportunities to racing enthusiasts and valued clients of Graham Rahal Performance.


NCM Motorsports Park will serve as the host venue for a series of Radical Racing track and demo days, providing participants with the chance to experience the thrill of high-performance driving in a controlled and safe environment. These events will offer participants the opportunity to test their skills behind the wheel of Radical sports cars, known for their exceptional speed and agility.


Additionally, NCM Motorsports Park will be the exclusive venue for track days tailored specifically for clients of Graham Rahal Performance. This exclusive access will allow GRP clients to push the limits of their vehicles in a setting designed to maximize performance and enjoyment.


“This partnership between Graham Rahal Performance, Radical Indianapolis, and NCM Motorsports Park is a testament to our shared commitment to providing enthusiasts with unforgettable experiences in the world of motorsports,” said Graham Rahal, founder of Graham Rahal Performance. “We are excited to collaborate with NCM Motorsports Park to offer our valued clients the opportunity to unleash the full potential of their vehicles on the track.”


“We are excited to witness NCM Motorsports continued growth and are incredibly proud of its prominence within the racing world,” says Greg Waldron, Executive Director. “Our partnership with Graham Rahal Performance helps elevate our position in the motorsports community, and we look forward to creating a first-class experience for our guests and clients.”


The partnership between Graham Rahal Performance, Radical Indianapolis, and NCM Motorsports Park signifies an exciting new chapter for motorsports enthusiasts, providing unparalleled access to high-performance driving experiences and exclusive events.