Stop by the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park on a Driving Club Day, and you’ll find a comfortable mix of high energy and thrilling speed on the track balanced by a low key, slower paced environment in trackside garages and the private lounge where members congregate to socialize, catch up, and share glory stories of high speeds and lap time victories.


That’s exactly the way an exclusive driving club should be according to Executive Director, Greg Waldron. “Our goal is to create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcomed.  We strive to turn car enthusiasts into motorsport enthusiasts, and the best way to do that is by fostering a sense of belonging. We have members who just purchased their dream car and are getting on track for the very first time hanging out in garages next to members who have sponsored race teams.  The result is a strong sense of camaraderie and mentorship.  It’s a special thing to see.”

This atmosphere is carefully crafted through thoughtful planning and an intense commitment to safety. Following a comprehensive safety orientation that includes one-on-one time with MSP’s professional drivers and track instructors, new members are taken on track for private laps where they are evaluated and put into one of three groups for track day sessions.  The beginner group, advanced group, and open wheel group rotate time on track throughout the day in 30-minute increments.  Drivers are given the opportunity to progress to the more advanced group as their skills and confidence grow.  Further training is available through participation in MSPs High Performance Driving programs and private coaching sessions, both available for a discount to members.


In addition to a focus on continuous learning, members are encouraged to participate in social events, attend car shows and group outings, and take advantage of the onsite amenities that include a driver’s lounge, trackside garages, concierge garage services, onsite food and beverage, and complimentary passes to the track’s high-speed Kartplex.

This year the members were given the opportunity to interact with professional racer, Graham Rahal, through a partnership that included lunch and learn sessions and test drives in Radicals provided by Rahal Radical.


“As we continue to grow our Driving Club, we are able to offer more amenities and grow our offerings,” says Driving Club Coordinator, Khristian Ervin. “In 2022 we introduced new membership tiers, which greatly expanded our reach.  Because of the flexibility this offered, we saw our reach extend well past the region as we added members from as far away as Pennsylvania and Nevada. In 2023 we added an option for race teams, which solidifies the caliber of this track and our facilities.”


Greg Waldron echoes that sentiment adding, “When you can say you have race teams not only practicing on this nationally recognized track, but coming back and asking for membership opportunities, you know you have something very special.”