General Motors (GM) has selected the NCM Motorsports Park (MSP) to host its 2024 Corvette Academy. This private training welcomes dealership representatives from across the country to Corvette Campus for an unforgettable experience that includes a welcome reception at the National Corvette Museum followed by an immersive training at the motorsports park where participants will experience firsthand the power and performance of the Z06 and E-Ray through a combination of classroom sessions, paddock exercises and on-track activities.


The trainings are closed to the public but are designed to showcase the engineering marvels that define the newest Corvette models, offering participants a deeper understanding of their design, technology, and performance capabilities.

“Hosting the GM Corvette Academy is a major milestone for the NCM Motorsports,” says Executive Director, Greg Waldron.  “Positioning this event at the heart of Corvette Campus integrates participants into the heart of the brand. From celebrating the car’s history at the National Corvette Museum and experiencing its present capabilities on track at the Motorsports, to dreaming about the future as you see the GM Assembly Plant in the background as you cruise around the paddock – hosting the event here is something special and truly iconic.”


With forty days already on the calendar, this private training is the largest ongoing event in MSP history, welcoming 60 participants from across the country each day.

“We’re incredibly proud of what this means for the NCM Motorsports Park, as well as what it means for our community,” continues Waldron.  “This event puts Bowing Green on the national stage as we welcome professionals from across the country and exemplify true southern hospitality. It’s a major win for everyone.”


While the event is closed to the public, Corvette enthusiasts are encouraged to check out the MSP online calendar to schedule their Corvette Driving experience, with options that range from lead/follow C8 Corvette Touring Laps to self-hosted Driving Academies lead by the professional drivers and driving instructors.  There’s something for every skill level with the iconic Corvette at the heart of it all.