Corvette Experience  — THIS WEEKEND!

Make a trip to the NCM Motorsports Park this weekend and get behind the wheel of a 2017 Corvette Stingray Z51 on its 3.15 mile road course!



Ever dreamed of driving America’s Sports Car? How about on a race track? Now you can at the NCM Motorsports Park! Get behind the wheel of your choice of an automatic or manual 2017 Corvette Stingray Z51 for laps around our 3.15 mile road course, built for speed! Our Corvette Experience gives you a combination of classroom instruction and in-car instruction as well as lunch, and a guided VIP tour of the National Corvette Museum (shuttle to and from the Museum provided). Participants must be age 18 or older with a valid drivers’ license.


Weekend Availability: 

Saturday, August 19 — AM Sessions Available … 1

                                             PM Sessions Available … 1

Sunday, August 20 —  AM Sessions Available … 1

                                            PM Sessions Available … FULL 


Book now! Call (270) 777-4509 to schedule. 


  • Corvette Experience | $599
    • Three 20-minute on-track sessions and three classroom sessions (alternating).
    • The Corvette Experience is open to the public and available for private events.
    • Other upcoming sessions: August 30, September 4, October 21, 22, November 3, 12, December 1. Book now! Space is limited and reservations are required.
    • Call ahead to schedule at (270) 777-4509


In addition to our standard liability waiver that all Motorsports Park guests must sign upon entering the facility, guests who chose to participate in any activity that involves driving one of our Corvettes must also complete a “Vehicle Damage Policy and Indemnity Agreement.”





NCM Motorsports Park High Performance Driving

Take part in either our HPDI or HPDE to learn from professionals on the hobby of recreational performance driving.



What is the difference in our HPDI and HPDE?

  • HPDI | High Performance Drivers Introduction

            Pricing: $225 | Check-In 8AM, Drivers Meeting 8:30, Program 9-4PM

  • The High Performance Drivers Introduction is a “101” on track program introducing new drivers to the hobby of recreational performance driving.
    • Introducing new drivers to the recreational performance driving.
    • Creating a lower cost, lower time commitment program to make it easier for drivers to give the sport a try.
    • Breaking down the barriers of entry to the sport by keeping groups small, concentrated, and social.
    • Creating more prepared drivers – demonstrating what to expect from a performance driving event, as well as demonstrating what is needed and expected from a driver and their vehicle.
    • Makes for a great car club or group activity!

Upcoming HPDI: Friday, September 1




  • HPDE | High Performance Drivers Education

            Pricing: Instructed Students $499 | Solo Students $450

  • Our High Performance Drivers Education (HPDE) program is about three things: Education, Safety and Fun! Students are separated into groups based on experience, with most being assigned experienced driving instructors to help teach and enhance driving ability in a controlled, safe atmosphere. 
  • Teaches vehicle dynamics, car control, cornering, braking and driving fundamentals in the classroom and on the track.

Upcoming HPDE: Saturday, August 26-27


All you need to attend is an appropriate track vehicle (All convertibles must have an SCCA approved roll bar), an SA2010 or newer rated helmet, long pants, and closed toed shoes.




NCM Motorsports Park | 505 Grimes Road, Bowling Green, KY 42103