The NCM Motorsports Park welcomes more than 50,000 guests annually, allowing motorsports enthusiasts and adrenaline seekers from across the country to experience firsthand the incredible power and performance of the Corvette.


Corvette Autocross

Among the visitors in June were three very special groups.  The National Council of Corvette Clubs brought more than 700 guests to the region, and their time in Bowling Green included visits to the NCM Motorsports Park.  With a day full of autocross action on the paddock and an afternoon on the grand full course, these participants took their driving skills to the next level and enjoyed the very best of Vette City!

Adult Daycare Center

The Barren River Adult Daycare Center brought their clients to the track for an equally exciting experience. These very special visitors clapped and cheered as they rode as passengers in a C8 Stingray Corvette.  The smiles and joy were contagious as everyone celebrated the thrill of America’s Favorite Sportscar.

Miss Kentucky Contestants

To round out the month, the 26 participants vying for the title of Miss Kentucky stopped by to see the very thing that makes this state so special…the Corvette.  With crowns in place and matching outfits festively worn, these amazing young women took the ride of a lifetime!  Miss Bowling Green, Mallory Hudson, won the title and will no doubt make Corvette City proud when she has the opportunity to talk about her experience on the Miss America stage!

C8 Driving

If June has proven one thing, it is that the Corvette brand has transcended its reach to include visitors from across the nation, state, and local region.  It has touched the hearts of people from every walk of life and given them an opportunity to experience its rich history, its powerful performance, and its captivating designs.  The Corvette’s legacy lives through the lives and experiences of every generation, and the future is an open highway!