About Andy Pilgrim

5-time Championship winning Pro Racer and Corvette Hall of Famer Andy Pilgrim is “in the house” at NCM Motorsports Park! Andy has won 5 championships and 74 races so far in his professional racing career. For 2021 he will be driving a Ferrari GT3 for the SKI Autosport team in selected IGT, Global GT and Trans Am races.

As our Resident Pro Racer, Andy is available for private coaching sessions, both individual and group. In between racing professionally, plus speaking and coaching at our track, Andy is a contributor to various automotive publications and host of Pro Racer’s Take! Check out his most recent car reviews from our 23-turn track below.

When he’s not on the racetrack, Andy focuses his energy on traffic safety. For over 20 years he has been speaking to students, parents with children of ALL ages, educators and corporations about all aspects of traffic safety and how to combat the growing epidemic of distracted driving in the US. Andy is also founder of the Traffic Safety Education Foundation; an official 501(c)3.

The Andy Pilgrim Driving Experience

Spend a day with Corvette Hall of Fame Inductee and Pro Racer, Andy Pilgrim! This 1-day program has been hand crafted by Andy and includes autocross runs and laps on track driving the C8 Corvette with 1-on-1 feedback from the Pro himself.

The day will begin with breakfast in the Holley Control Tower alongside Andy Pilgrim. Next, participants will strap into the driver’s seat and grip the unique, 2-spoke steering wheel of the C8 Corvette for timed autocross runs on a course designed by Andy that will challenge both the driver and the Corvette. There will be a brief intermission and lunch before heading out on the 3.2-mile road course, a track that Andy claims is one of the best in North America! Each participant will receive 1-on-1 feedback between each 20-minute lead/follow session totaling over an hour on track.

Participants are invited to join Andy for a dinner and reception. There, you’ll hear highlights and stories from Andy’s 37-year (and counting) racing career.

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Important to Know

Must be 18 years or older and have a valid drivers’ license to participate in the The Andy Pilgrim Driving Experience.

Participants must sign a Vehicle Damage Policy and Indemnity Agreement.

Helmets provided. Must wear closed toe shoes and long pants.

Cancellations made 7 days or more in advance of the event date, will receive a 100% refund. Event will run rain or shine. No refunds will be made after completion of services.

One guest per participant invited to join for additional fee(s).

Private Coaching

This is your opportunity to learn from one of the best Pro Racers in the US. Andy’s unique teaching abilities will ensure you gain understanding and speed utilizing our world class racetrack. This is a bring your own car activity. Groups and individuals can book private coaching sessions with Andy. The one-on-one sessions allow for up to two drivers per day.

Included in the fee is:

  • Private on-track time at the NCM Motorsports Park
  • The very important track walk (using vehicles)
  • Face-to-face post session downloads
  • Off-track driving exercises in our expansive paddock
  • VBOX data analysis between your data and Andy’s using the same car
  • Data stick to take home

Lunch is included in the program. If a two-day option is booked, dinner with Andy is included after the first day of the two-day session. Sessions are 9am-5pm CT.

Group sessions include condensed versions of the one on one education and activity menu. Lunch is included in the group sessions, which run from 9am-5pm CT.

Ready to book your session?

Email us: NCMMotorsportsPark@motorsportspark.org

Pro Racer’s Take

Pro Racer’s Take draws from a wildly wide selection of vehicles for our championship-winning sports-car racing driver, Andy Pilgrim, to take to the limit. From the quickest, most capable production performance cars on the planet to wagons and SUVS, Andy reviews each vehicle—and extracts its maximum performance potential around our extremely challenging and fast 3.2-mile, 23 turn road course. The results are always thrilling and entertaining—and oftentimes surprising.

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Traffic Safety Education Foundation

NCM Motorsports Park partners with Andy Pilgrim’s Traffic Safety Education Foundation

As part of our ongoing commitment to community awareness, the NCM Motorsports Park (MSP), along with the Traffic Safety Education Foundation, hosts several experiential and educational traffic safety events every year.

The Traffic Safety Education Foundation event’s, materials and messaging help educate parents with children of ALL ages, students from Grade 4 to Grade 12 and corporate employees.

Over the last several years, the MSP has hosted numerous Traffic Safety Education Foundation events. The MSP is calling all Corporations, Schools, Religious Groups and other organizations, looking for the perfect place to do your exciting group/team event/day out.

MSP has a full-service menu for special events including; family traffic safety education, Go-Kart and Camaro Driving, Corvette Driving, Track Driving, food, drinks and much more.

For more information about these events and open dates, please contact MSPGuestInfo@motorsportspark.org  or call 270-777-4553.



For more information about the Traffic Safety Education Foundation (501(c)3; please go to www.tsef.org

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Keynote Speaker

Looking for a keynote speaker for your next conference or event? Andy Pilgrim is available both in-person and virtually to speak on a variety of topics. To learn more and to book Andy as a Keynote Speaker, contact us at 270.777.4509.

Safety Expert Topics:

    1. Nationally recognized traffic safety education innovator
    2. Expert on the many dangers and liabilities associated with distracted driving
    3. Speaker at numerous national, regional and state conferences to corporate employees, families, parents and students
    4. His cutting edge traffic safety education materials are used by teachers, students, parents and corporations all over the US
    5. Founder of the Traffic Safety Education Foundation, 2008

Professional Racer Topics:

  1. 5-Time Professional Champion Winning race car driver
  2. Won 69 professional races all over the world
  3. Friend and teammate of NASCAR legend, the late Dale Earnhardt
  4. Writer/Vehicle Analyst for Automobile Magazine
  5. Race car and street car development driver for numerous vehicle manufacturers and automotive accessory product companies.
NCM Motorsports Park Team Member Andy Pilgrim Receives Award from Ford