Private Coaching with Pro-racer: Andy Pilgrim

Pro-racer and Corvette Hall of Fame Inductee, Andy Pilgrim, is on the NCM Motorsports Park team! We are able to offer new programs putting you in the classroom and behind the wheel with Andy. This is your opportunity to learn from one of the best pro-racers in the US. Andy’s unique teaching abilities will ensure you gain understanding and speed utilizing our world class racetrack. This is a bring your own car activity.

Groups and individuals can book private coaching sessions with Andy. The one-on-one sessions allow for up to two drivers per day.

Included in the fee is:

  • Private on-track time at the NCM Motorsports Park
  • The very important track walk (using vehicles)
  • Face-to-face post session downloads
  • Off-track driving exercises in our expansive paddock
  • VBOX data analysis between your data and Andy’s using the same car
  • Data stick to take home

Lunch is included in the program. If a two-day option is booked, dinner with Andy is included after the first day of the two-day session. Sessions are 9am-5pm CT.

Group sessions include condensed versions of the one on one education and activity menu. Lunch is included in the group sessions, which run from 9am-5pm CT.

Participants are already raving about the experience. One-on-one student, Spencer C., went from a beginner group student, with one track day under his belt, to a quick and smooth advanced group driver, after only one day working with Andy. Spencer said, “I had a great time working with Andy. I beat my best time by almost 14 seconds and learned so much in only one day; just amazing value!”

One on one coaching participant, Carter S., said, “He is a wealth of knowledge on this topic and this was evident to me due to the sessions on the track with him, and then debriefing in the classroom after those sessions.” Carter said he found the use of the data collected from the track sessions extremely educational because of his explanation of the data, which then improved lap times. “I feel I learned a lot just by listening to what he had to say, and he also showed me how to execute.”

Carter also conveyed how impressed he was with Andy’s genuine interest in him. “He even came to watch me the following day when I was running on the track with Chin, and dropped by my trailer to let me know of his observations.”

Individual Sessions

  • Full Day, $3,500

Ask us about track day insurance and photo opportunities, too! To book your coaching session, contact Matt at 270.467.8802