Corvette Enthusiast Funds Welcomed Addition to the Track

Jerry Cabe with the Cincinnati Region SCCA waves the checkered flag from the new start stand.

Jerry Cabe with the Cincinnati Region SCCA waves the checkered flag from the new start stand.

Don Ghareeb has been a Corvette guy a long time – from when he purchased his first used Corvette in 1961, to his R8C Delivery at the National Corvette Museum of a 2015 Z06/Z07 Corvette this year. “Chevrolet has done a good job of putting Corvette at the forefront, and I’ve been really proud of the Museum,” said Don. “They’ve done a great job, I’ve picked up a lot of cars there.”

Don is also no stranger to the new NCM Motorsports Park, backing it from the beginning by purchasing five acres through the “buy an acre” program to help the Museum acquire the land for the track, and most recently donating funds to construct the new start stand. “The race track is so cool, they have a good guy to run it, and it’s booked with lots of events. I wanted to help.”

After taking delivery of his Z06/Z07 in January, Don took to the track for a few laps. “I was talking to Mitch about how things were coming along at the track. Holley had just stepped up to support the Control Tower and he mentioned the start stand was next on the wish list. I thought I’d help,” said Don.

The start stand is 14 feet high, featuring a six foot by 12 foot deck. This past weekend, June 5-7, the stand was a hopping place with the waving of the green and checkered flags for the ChumpCar World Series, followed by serving as a camera platform for the TV crew filming Sunday’s Ultimate Street Car Challenge.

“We’re very fortunate to have enthusiasts like Don who see a need, and without hesitation step up to help fulfill that need,” said Mitch Wright, General Manager of the NCM Motorsports Park. “Our facilities continue to grow and expand, and word is spreading that we are a premier track to visit.”

The NCM Motorsports Park hosts a number of recreational, educational and corporate motorsports activities. Walk-up rides and drives on the track are available most week days, and spectating is free for the 2015 season. To learn more visit www.motorsportspark.org. For more information on the National Corvette Museum visit www.corvettemuseum.org.