GM Racing's Johnny O'Connell

GM Racing’s Johnny O’Connell

GM Racing’s Johnny O’Connell couldn’t resist the temptation to take his C7 over to the NCM Motorsports Park while visiting the Museum on October 9, 2014. A familiar face in the Corvette community, Johnny is recognized as one of the  most successful drivers in history. He’s earned Championships in Corvette and Cadillac, won at the 12 Hours of Sebring a record eight times, and was the first American driver to win four class victories at the 24 Hours of Lemans. With that kind of record, we were eager to get his first impressions of the track.

After going on some laps with General Manager Mitch Wright, Johnny couldn’t contain his excitement. “This track is great. It is world class, super-smooth, and challenging… it’s a track everyone should make plans to drive on. What was especially cool about it was how I recognized the features of Le Mans when I got to them. I know that was the objective when they were designing and building it, and as someone who has been there, I can say that they pulled it off.”

Johnny is already thinking ahead to some track days of his own and wants to bring the Cadillac Racing team out for some testing.