MSP New Property

Acres at Facility Now Totals 430

The National Corvette Museum has purchased an additional 208.323 acres of land adjoining the NCM Motorsports Park. While the Museum has held an option on the property since January 2010, they decided to exercise the option in 2018. The property officially closed on Wednesday, January 23.

“We do not have any immediate plans for the land. With a growing interest in activities offered at the NCM Motorsports Park, we wanted to secure space for any future expansions,” said Wendell Strode, Executive Director of the National Corvette Museum, which owns the facility. “Bowling Green is currently the fastest growing city in Kentucky. Our goal at the Museum and Motorsports Park is to continue to enhance our offerings for both locals and visitors.”

In the meantime, the property will continue to be utilized for farming purposes. The purchase of this acreage brings the total acreage available for development around and adjoining the Motorsports Park to 430 acres.

Commercial property is currently available at the track. A business park is planned for the 10.591 acres of land at the entrance to the facility, fronting Porter Pike. The NCM Motorsports Park is working with the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce to identify businesses that would complement the operations of the track, offering space for lease. Customizable spaces range in size from 8,000 SF to 18,000 SF.

“Our audience and visitation numbers at the track continues to grow each year, especially given the close proximity to I-65,” said Mitch Wright, General Manager of the NCM Motorsports Park. “We added go-karts late in the season for 2017, and are exploring other adventure tourism offerings at the facility. Some ideas others have shared with us include a playground, rock climbing wall and bicycle trails. We want our facility to continue to grow and serve as a recreational and educational resource for our community.”

In addition to motorsports events, the facility hosts ‘Trek at the Track’ on Tuesday evenings during the spring, summer and fall, providing a safe, enclosed environment for guests to walk, run or ride bicycles, free of charge.

In November, the Museum and Motorsports Park hope to debut a new drive through Christmas Holiday lights on the west track, offering two miles of illuminated holiday scenes.

Learn more about upcoming events and offerings at www.motorsportspark.org.

NCM Motorsports Park New Acres