This past October 10/10ths Motorsports took to the track, offering a three day high performance drivers’ education event. The event sold out in 10 hours, which Bill Neal, owner of the company, said is almost unheard of. Approximately 240 cars participated, including Porsche, BMW, Miata, Corvette and more. Feedback on the new venue was positive. “Participants were very pleased,” Neal said. “The track was very technical, but a lot of fun. It’s going to be a popular track.”

Neal has booked three events for 2015 at the NCM Motorsports Park, the first one April 17-19 and registration is now open.  The other two events, July 10-12 and October 2-4, 2015 are slated to have registration open early next year.

Anyone can sign up to participate in the events and there is no member fee.  The only requirement is that your car be track ready and all makes and models are welcome.  Convertibles must have some type of rollover protection.

Neal stressed that his events focus on education and driver training, adding that they encourage participants to work on their skills behind the wheel. The events offer three run groups, with 5-6 sessions per day, 30 minutes in length each. 10/10ths touts that their events offer a lot of time on track for your money. Novice drivers are paired with an instructor and receive classroom time.

Learn more about 10/10ths Motorsports and register for their events online here: www.1010thsmotorsports.com.

Check out a video clip of their event below!