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The Traffic Safety Education Foundation’s mission is to educate new drivers, parents with children of ALL ages, teachers and grade 4 through 8 school students about traffic safety and the deadly problems associated with the growing distracted driving epidemic. Driving experts drive distraction free because of what they know. Education is the key to improving knowledge and driving safety in the US.

Sadly, the problem of distracted driving continues to grow at an alarming rate.

It is no secret that driving collisions and crashes are the number one killer of teenagers; there are over 6,000 traffic deaths and 500,000 serious injuries of 13 – 19 year olds that occur every year on US roads.

The sad reality surrounding the increase in distracted driving behavior is this: 1 out of every 150 people in the U.S. will die in automotive collisions or crashes. The goal of the Traffic Safety Education Foundation is to help change these horrific statistics for the better.

The Traffic Safety Education Foundation© is a 501(c)3 entity created by Andy Pilgrim in 2008. The Foundation was formally known as the Andy Pilgrim Foundation.

Donations are always welcome!

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Your tax-deductible donation will make it possible for the Foundation to provide new knowledge and cutting edge information to help educate new drivers, parents with children of ALL ages, teachers and grade 4 through 8 school students about the dangers associated with distracted driving and other important traffic safety issues.

The Foundation produces new DVDs and PSAs and donates them to underfunded school districts and other groups. In total, thousands of educational DVDs and PSAs have been donated to students, parents and driver education teachers. Foundation work also consists of Andy engaging in important research and speaking at driver education teacher conferences and schools throughout the US.

With your help, the Traffic Safety Education Foundation© will continue to be part of the solution to stop the epidemic of distracted driving and other deadly traffic safety issues.

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Andy Pilgrim has been competing in professional motorsports since the 1980s’. After finding success in motorsports, he launched ECS Inc., an IT consulting company, in 1989.

Andy has been helping in the field of traffic safety since 1994 and founded the Traffic Safety Education Foundation, a 501(c)3 entity, in 2008. Andy spends a large part of his time speaking to parent groups, teachers, corporations and grade 4 thru 12 students, on the topics of distracted driving and traffic safety. He has also created cutting edge education materials available to parents, students and teachers at no cost to them. Thousands of driver education teachers in the US are now using his materials in classrooms.

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