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Project Seat Time presented by Nankang Motorsport

April 4, 2021


An event hosted by racers, with maximum track time & minimum traffic in mind. Come and have a good time, and try not to break your cars.

BIG Thanks to our supporter Nankang Motorsport for making this event possible! 

[More Information will be added in the next few weeks. For any immediate questions, please email ProjectSeatTime@gmail.com]

Intermediate & Advanced drivers only. Beginner-level drivers will be accepted by approval based on experince only.

60 driver limit, three run groups. Ride-alongs are allowed for pre-approved instructors only.

  • Advanced 1: Opening Passing, point-by not required but preferred. Competition License Required (SCCA TT, GLTC-approved, etc)
  • Advanced 2: Opening passing, point-by Only.
  • Intermediate: Straight-line point-by passing only.

Provisonal schedule: SCHEDULE.pdf

Tech Form: Work In Progress

All drivers would receive a one-time Nankang Motorsport 15%-off Tire Coupon, to be redeemed when purchasing one set of Nankang Motorsport tires through PhD Racing Lab only. For more information, please email ProjectSeatTime@gmail.com.

Registration fee: 300$ per driver

NOISE LIMIT: 103 DB @ 50 FT. Please prepare well ahead of time.

Safety: Helmets Require, SA2010 or newer. Long pants (it’s gonna be April and probably chilly you should wear long pants anyway), closed-toe shoes only. Race suit recommended for everyone but even more so in Advanced 1.


  • Pets are allowed in the pits, but not on track. Please. We’ll get sued for animal cruelty.
  • ZERO alcohol allowed. Ethanol fuel for Vehicle is allowed. Just don’t drink that.
  • Paddock speed limit is 15 MPH, strictly enforced.
  • If you have a problem with another driver, please speak to us first.
  • Oil Clean ups will by charged by oil dry material to the driver who caused the spill, $10 per bag.


Grand Full
505 Kimberlee A. Fast Drive
Bowling Green, KY 42103 United States
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